5 Surprising Android Facts We Bet You Didn’t Knew Before

Ever since it was first unveiled back in 2007, Android has steadily gained popularity and user base. So much so that Android is now the most used mobile OS in the world. Android has also had quite an interesting back story as well. And no matter how dedicated a fan you may be of the OS, we are sure you do not know everything about the Google-owned mobile operating system. We are going to share with you some facts that will not increase your knowledge about the OS but may also amuse you. After that, you can go ahead and look for some great Android 12 month phone plans.

1. Android Was Not Created by Google

Yes, it is true. Before it was bought out by Google, Android was founded and developed by Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Rich Miner. The very first phone to run on Android was T-Mobile’s Sidekick. Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005 with all the original developers staying on board.

2. Critics Were Skeptic About Android’s Success

Back when it was launched, a major share of the smartphone market was controlled by Microsoft and Blackberry. And since Apple’s iPhone had also just emerged, people were not keen to adapt to an OS developed and marketed by an email and search engine company.

3. The First Android Prototype Resembled a Blackberry

Long before iPhone was ever unveiled, the first prototype phone running Android was already making rounds. Code-named “Sooner”, the phone was a non-touch device with a QWERTY keyboard and a track-pad. But the phone’s physical appearance wasn’t the only thing that resembled a Blackberry device, even the UI of the Android was similar to the Canadian giant’s OS. The device never made it to the consumers and Android got completely revamped to be a touch-friendly OS.

4. The Versions that are Not Desserts

It is a long-standing tradition by Google to name its Android releases after savory sweet delicacies but this wasn’t the case initially. The Android 1.0 was referred to as Alpha and or Astroboy. Version 1.1 was named after a desert but it was unintentional and random, unlike how later versions were named alphabetically. The 1.1 was called Petit Four within the company. The first official release of the OS was Android 1.5 and was christened Cupcake and. The rest of the releases followed suit and set in motion a trend that we are now accustomed to.

5. The Version That was Not Meant for Phones

While Android is now known to run on multiple hardware configurations, this wasn’t always the case. But with the announcement of the very first iPad, back in 2010, the consumer world was taken over by the tablet fever. Unfortunately, Android was never designed to suit bigger screens that we see now. But to stay relevant to the tablet market, Google announced Honeycomb, the Android OS specifically designed for tablets. The version failed miserably and was scrapped with just a couple of its features withheld to be included in the future versions.

These are just a few facts about Android that many people don’t know. A few more remain to be discussed but we are strained for space. Maybe we’ll share them with you on another post. Until then enjoy other posts on our blog and choose the unlimited international calling plans of your favorite Android smartphone.


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