Best PDF Software for Windows to Use Effectively

It was early in the 1990s when Adobe created the Portable Document File (PDF) format. They aimed to make an easy way to send and receive documents that also contain text, charts, images, and other elements. This will make the way of sending, receiving, and reading of documents without a restriction of the operating system. Keeping in mind this logic, Adobe invents the Acrobat reader with free availability.

Apart from opening PDF files, you can do many things these days. These include a free tool to merge PDF files, adding images, boxes, and many more. That’s why PDF files have been the most useful and commonly used file type for its accessibility and versatility. Let’s know about some PDF tools for Windows operating system that works effectively.

Adobe Acrobat DC

As you know Adobe is one of the giant software companies that pioneering on the PDF format. Also, it has created some highly popular and comprehensive application to manage documents efficiently. When it comes to Acrobat DC, it comes with features like convert, download, and edit PDF documents. By using the camera of your smartphone, you can capture an item to turn into a PDF document.

Apart from these features, you’ll find there a lot. These include a comparison tool that will analyze your files accurately and quickly to discover the differences. It’s useful when you need to find out the different drafts of the same files. Moreover, if you make a PDF file or merge pdf files into one file using this tool, you’ll make a smart file of your document. It allows you editing, sharing, searching, and signing.

Foxit Phantom PDF

With Phantom PDF, Foxit has created a classy PDF managing app. The app goes greatly for many tasks related to viewing PDF documents and offering a large number of tools based on the cloud. The company has described it as a PDF app of ‘transformative’. So, you can do many things with your PDF files. For example, it allows modifying PDF files with collaborating and security features.

Also, there is an option to use that allows you managing the access of the app along with a tracking option that opens your files. It also sends a notification to its readers about its update. Moreover, the app has some other editing features that all are very useful to you when it comes to the PDF. These include layout changing of your file, rearranging paragraphs, pages, and columns.

Nuance Power PDF

As a developer of PDF software, Nuance is another famous company that works for both individuals and enterprise. From their production line, Power PDF is a great tool to edit PDF. It no just allows creating and editing, it also enables you making annotations and sharing your files with others.

As a result, a large number of companies and organizations, as well as government bodies, use this app. You’ll find the app in various versions including free and paid ones. As it has OCR and scanning features, it allows converting your document like receipts and invoices.


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