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Tips to Find Out Your Best Value Mobile Call Rates & Plan

by William Jayden
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You’ll find there a lot of mobile plans when you need to choose a single one. That’s why; you may get puzzled to make a decision which one is really perfect for you to meet your needs. As you find a lot of mobile plans these days, they may make you confused which plan is suitable for you. While choosing a phone plan for your own there are so many things to consider this is the main reason. So, you should not just get a plan based on the point of price, for example, you can’t hang on only Telstra mobile call rates as you have a lot of options. This is why it’s almost impossible to answer straight forward to get a single plan that will suit you better.

Well, let’s know some tips that will help you to choose the right package for you.

Get Your Perfect Deal

It’s essential to know what type of user you before find out your best plan from the hundreds of packages. You have to know how many calls you probably make in a month on average and what the type of your phone whether it is mobile or landline. Moreover, you should know the types of your calls whether it’s local or international. Also, you have to figure out how much mobile data you usually use per month including the media you like to watch.

Choose Your Desired Networks

It’s true that 2G or GSM network covers the most part of Australia, but it’s no longer in use. This is because there are a very lower amount of mobile phones that support this type of network. You’ll find some dual phones that support 2G for its second SIM, but it’s getting more use of the single SIM mobile phones in the market in Australia.

Besides, you’ll get a lot of offers from Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus for the 3G or third generation mobile network. Most of these carriers cover up to 99% of the area in Australia and the people use the 850MHz. there are introduced the 4G network, but you’ll not find it most of the places as you get 3G. So, you have to choose the 3G network if you like to get wider coverage.

Know Your Data Usage

You have a chance to get a bill shock if you go over your assigned data that comes with your pack. So, you have to know your data usage meaning how much data you use every month. And then choose your plan in the same way that fits with your need.

Save Data Using Wi-Fi Access


It’s the time of 3G and 4G mobile phone so all new smartphones support Wi-Fi to a wireless hotspot or personal network. While using Wi-Fi, it’s a great way to save your mobile data. In this case, you have to monitor well the usage of 3G mobile data and the usage of Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line

So, you can choose your mobile package for affordable Telstra home phone bundles with call rates and mobile data that can meet your needs. Simply remember the above-said tips to get the right deal for you without getting a bill shock by using extra minutes or data.

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