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What Are Gore Tex Jackets and Why Are They So Special

by William Jayden
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Gore-Tex is one of the first waterproof and breathable fibers ever made. It is very popular since then and is widely used in outdoor apparel. Gore Tex jackets are one of the most sold items made of Gore-Tex. But why is this fabric so popular? Well, let’s find out.

What Is Gore-Tex?

The Gore-Tex fiber is made with multiple layers to make it waterproof and keep you safe in uncomfortable conditions. This fiber is made by following a very unique and interesting process. After its production, it is tested with some techniques before actually being used in the production process. There are three types of Gore-Tex that you can choose from.

Let’s see what you should consider when buying a Gore-Tex jacket.

Types of Gore-Tex

There are three available types of Gore-Tex fabric that you can choose from.

1. Gore-Tex

The simple Gore-Tex has versatile applications, and it is used in almost every Gore-Tex product. It is cheaper, less breathable and heavier as compared to Gore-Tex pro. It is perfect for less intense outdoor activities. Light usage is the specialty of simple Gore-Tex fiber.

2. Gore-Tex Active

Gore-Tex Active is both light and breathable. But it is slightly on the lower side when it comes to keeping you safe from elements. So, you’ll want to pick this fabric up for aerobic outdoor activities.

3. Gore-Tex Pro

Gore-Tex Pro is the best and latest Gore-Tex fabric that you can choose. It provides the qualities of both the fabrics mentioned above. The jackets made from these fibers are made for extreme sports and outdoor activities, but you can also wear them under normal conditions.

Popular Gore-Tex Jackets

1. Hoods

You’ll usually find a hood with the rain jackets made from Gore-Tex. There are also helmet compatible hood jackets if you’re into that sort of thing. You should buy an adjustable hood jacket when looking to buy one.

2. Zippers

A good rain jacket should have waterproof zippers to give you a completely waterproof experience. Waterproof zippers will repel the water just like the Gore-Tex used in the jacket does to keep you away from water splashes and rain.

3. Taped Seams

The seams on all the good and high-end jackets are always taped, as this restricts the water from leaking from the seams into the jacket. So, you should only choose a jacket which has taped seams to keep you away from water from all the possible places.

4. Pockets

Since most people wear Gore-Tex jackets as outer layers on their clothes, it is a great luxury to have pockets on them. You can store accessories in the pockets and they’ll keep the accessories dry even in rainy conditions. This is a great benefit of wearing a Gore-Tex jacket to keep yourself prepared for rain water.


You should choose the type of Gore-Tex and other things wisely when you’re looking for a perfect Gore Tex jacket or mens fleece jacket for outdoors. Consider buying these jackets as an investment, they’ll keep you safe from rain and water splashes.

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