How to Perform a Great Painting for Your Stairs?


If you are done with painting your walls, ceiling, and maybe floors than you are thinking, it is time to stop. Hey, hold on! Do you forget about your stairs? You should paint your stairs to give it a new look also. You will be surprised by the final look.

You can assume your wooden stairs as a blank canvas. Painting them is budget-friendly. You should take the opportunity that will also increase your personality.

You can make it simple or give a pattern; the choice is yours. Anyway, before you contact interior painting New York service providers, Check the below tips out that will lend a helping hand.

How to Prep the Old Staircase?

To begin with, you have to make sure that your old stair is in a good position for painting for this you have to prep the stair. Repair any kind of broken parts. Remove all the paint that is used before. This step is highly recommended from most of the interior home painting companies professionals.

Next, you want to sand the threads to get wood clean and smooth.

Use a sander, and you will need to hand sand to get in the corners. Aim for a smooth finish. After that comprehensively vacuum and wipe out all dust. Stairs and floors need more work of prep because the traction is more here than the wall.

Why Primer?

Primer is useful for excellent adhesion and sealing the wood. Prime your bare wood using a good quality wood primer. Let it dry before the final coat.

How to Choose a Suitable Template?

You can choose a simple monochrome look, or you can also template the look by bold color and using a good pattern. If you want a particular color, then it is advisable to go with a dark stain as it will create a luxurious look.

Fake stair runner: You can create the illusion of a runner without using the real runner. How you can do that. Draw a line about 6 inches (Narrower or broader) apart from the edge of the stair and riser on both sides.

Then paint the line and allow it dry. After that, use your desired color within the border that is your runner color. It will create a very fantastic look, and it is cheap.

Stripe: You can also give your stair a striped look. Stipe gives a different look on the stair. For this, you can use the tape technique. Place of the tape on each step and riser with your desired stripe. Paint the stripes, let it dry and replace tape after it is scorched.

Painted risers: If you want to add design, then just paint the riser and left the step bare.
Abstract: If you want your stair as an artwork, then you can use a stencil, or you can also use your freehand skills. It is fun to do.

Paint Your Stairs

After choosing your desired template, then you have to paint it on. Always remember that you have to choose a paint which is less slippy. You can use grit, or you can also use floor paint. Gloss and satin might be excellent for the risers.

Use a small roller for a smooth finish. After finishing the paint, leave it to dry. Make sure to dry it thoroughly. It is ideal for drying it for 24 hours (at least overnight) before you should be walking on it.


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