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Top 7 Lightest Electric Wheelchairs

by William Jayden
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Top 7 Lightest Electric Wheelchairs

Lightest electric wheelchairs are all around the markets. There was a time when people were habitual to manual wheelchairs and then they shifted to electric wheelchairs. But that time is gone and physically challenged people prefer using lightest electric wheelchairs because they are easy to use, can be handled with ease and they can also be folded and transported whenever you are on the go.

In this post, we will talk about the lightest electric wheelchairs, their features, prices and how comfortable they are when it comes to the use. We hope this list will help the physically challenged people choose the right electric wheelchair for themselves or anyone who needs.

Here are the top 7 Lightest Electric Wheelchairs You Don’t Know:


Top Lightest Electric Wheelchairs

1) The Sentire Med Forza D09

This electric wheelchair by an American company is very good wheelchair that comes with a comparatively low price when compared with other wheelchairs. It has a beautiful and high-quality design that makes it a lot easy for the user to handle. The comfortable design is all what a physically disabled person needs and this electric wheelchair is the best and one of the lightest electric wheelchairs.

2) The PW-999UL Electric Wheelchair

This is also a very lightweight and compact wheelchair designed considering the modern-day needs of the users. It can be folded, fitted into small cars and taken away on the go. It also comes with a second battery that makes it user-friendly and a powerful wheelchair.

3) The PW-1000XL Electric Wheelchair

This is a more rugged version of the previous PW-999 electric wheelchair. It’s a pretty good wheelchair that can be used anywhere like outdoors, grass, traveling long distances. You can fold this electric wheelchair and fit into the small box and take away anywhere. The battery of the chair is upgradable as well.

4) The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Power Electric Wheelchair

A renowned American Brand Drive Medical has introduced this lightweight electric wheelchair. It’s pretty solid, very comfortable to use and has a good body shape and height. It comes in three different sizes and has a 2-year warranty.

5) Zinger Electric Wheelchair

The famous manufacturer Royce Husted designed and launched this one of the best lightweight electric wheelchairs for physically disabled people.  This wheelchair was the most talked about and it was tagged as the best electric wheelchair in the world. It has a number of good features, upgradable battery, easy to handle design and solid handles.

6) Ultralight Transport Wheelchair by Medline

This wheelchair is in the market these days and has emerged as a popular wheelchair. We have listed a good number of electric wheelchairs but this is the lightest one that we ever listed. Users are highly satisfied with the amazing and low weight of this portable electric wheelchair.

7) Featherweight Wheelchair

We have tested and checked the lightweight electric wheelchair. People are very impressed with the design and the attention given to the preparation. This wheelchair looks pretty good and easy to handle. Batteries are also good and it has a unique design when compared with most of the other electric wheelchairs by famous brands.

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