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18 SEO and Digital Marketing Tools for you to use in your Business

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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Digital Marketing Tools

With the right resources, you can leverage any business and achieve relevant results. There are many SEO and digital marketing tools available in the market that can be used to optimize your website or blog.

60% of B2B professionals say SEO has a big impact on lead generation, so you shouldn’t ignore it. More to the point, if you are negligent about this strategy in your digital marketing, you risk seeing your money and time down the drain.

You can invest a ton of money in paid traffic, but if your site is not properly optimized, the results simply will not appear. Thinking to help you avoid this, I have created a list of 18 SEO tools you need to use to succeed. And, if you want to know more about SEO tools for your business growth you can refer this site Licreativetechnologies.com

Check it out, and pick the ones that best fit your needs and leverage your internet business!

What are the best SEO tools for you?

When you have a business-focused website or blog, regardless of industry, creating and managing a marketing strategy is essential. And before you can start investing in resources, you need to answer a few questions.

1. What do I know about SEO and what do I need to learn?

2. What do I know about digital marketing and what do I need to master?

3. Will I be primarily responsible for all fronts or will I outsource?

4. Which resources are indispensable and which can I discard or postpone?

5. What tools can I implement to improve my site’s ranking?

6. What tools will make it easier for you to convert the visits and guarantee through paid traffic?

Here are some of the important questions whose answers will help you better understand what your current strategy is and what to expect in the future. Once this is set, choose the SEO and digital marketing tools you will use.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most complete free metric analysis tool on the market. “10 out of 10 digital entrepreneurs use it” to measure the performance of visits and conversions on their sites. By the way, if you invest in AdWords, Analytics is critical.

With Analytics, you can measure the performance of your digital business, track the outcome of your strategies, and design new strategies based on the results of those metrics. If you haven’t installed it on your site yet, you’re wasting time.

2. Google Trends

Another primary SEO and digital marketing tool of major importance to the online sales market. With it, you can identify which are the most searched terms on Google over the years, which makes it easier to analyze terms associated with your business audience.

Trends allow updating and planning marketing campaigns, tuning your business with the dynamics of the digital universe. It is worth adopting it for SEO.

3. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great choice for those who have a short time and can’t search for the latest news as often as they happen. Through this tool, you can receive alerts in your email alerts about a particular subject or product, keywords, content and digital actions.

You can also monitor companies, competitors and even specific industries. Moreover, the tool is easy to use, which advances the lives of those who take care of their processes and cannot invest in outsourcing digital marketing.

4. Google keyword tool – Keyword Planner

A very simple tool that helps digital entrepreneurs and marketers plan their campaigns through keyword research.

It is an essential SEO tool for any online business, as keywords are the root of content and the best strategy for finding your business in this broad universe of the internet. To use it, simply have an AdWords account.


The ISSUU is a specially used tool for creating magazines and other online publications. The interface gives the idea of ​​browsing a printed material and this is one of its great differentials. It is not directly about SEO, but it can take the level of a site’s posts.

It is the typical tool that has its use tied to a specific market niche, so it is worth evaluating if it is really useful for your type of business. For those who like to innovate with content, it can be a great option.


GIMP is a free image editing tool that is similar in efficiency to its competitor Photoshop. In addition to manipulating images, you can also create graphic design articles from scratch.

The program has just won a new version that brings a lot of news to those looking for a free advanced application for creating images for various purposes. It can be useful for you to edit the images that will enter the contents of your blog.

7. Mindnode

An app that has already taken a liking to many digital entrepreneurs and marketers. Its function is to make brainstorming sessions simpler, facilitating the organization of thoughts and helping the practitioner stay focused on ideas.

An Endnote is an option for any professional who works with brainstorming, not limited to the digital market. But for internet marketers, he can be a great creative advisor.

8. Harvest

An excellent time management tool that assists digital entrepreneurs in organizing, planning and controlling their workload. With Harvest, you can adopt better strategies for time management and team productivity.

Great for keeping your projects on time and budget. It also makes it easy to gain the insights you need to estimate future projects and ensure the profitability of your digital business. Indirectly helps in SEO.

9. Evernote

It is a very useful application for those looking to better organize activities. Very similar to an agenda but with interactive features that can help the digital entrepreneur keep an organized and planned routine.

I use Evernote myself in my work and find it very useful in my routine. From a simple note to the notation of important information, the application has become very efficient for me. It is also very worth a try.

10. Merge words

A free and very simple tool that helps you create keywords that can be used in the content strategy of your digital business. It allows you to merge words quickly and easily and is very good for insights to choose and domain registration.

Using Merge Words is very easy. Just access it, include the terms in the page boxes and click merge. The result is immediate, emerging within seconds.

11. Open Site Explorer

This is a very interesting SEO and digital marketing tool. The role is to assist in link analysis, detailing for example which pages receive the most links, in addition to the site authority level, the domain authority level and the page’s credibility against the competition.

The OSE is a worthwhile investment for any digital business. Worth knowing.

12. Webtool

A very complete SEO resource that can be used by various market segments. Regardless of your business focus, Webxtool can certainly help you. Here you can, for example, manage teams, track keyword developments, organize backlinks, and many other useful options for your work.

13. Google Free Monitor

With it, you can check the position of your site on Google. You also can check the top keywords that drive users to your site, enabling you to organize and plan your content marketing strategy. Meet here!

14. Sistrix

Another excellent SEO tool, SISTRIX is a very complete option, as it has several features that can be useful for your digital strategies. It provides the most important SEO performance indicators for any desired domain.

15. SEO Power Suite

SEO PowerSuite is one of the most complete tools that can serve the most diverse digital markets. Another great option for those looking to find multiple functions in one place. Social proof? The program has already been used by some 500,000 SEO experts worldwide.

16. Search Metrics

This is certainly the most complete tool on the market. The only problem with Search Metrics is its cost, which is still very high. Which of course may not be a barrier if you can and do like to invest in quality tools.

It is usually only used by large companies in the B2B market, which work with larger projects, as it can meet this organization profile very well. If this is your case, take a test.

17. Woorank

Unlike the previous SEO tool, it is suitable for small projects, as it meets demands with these characteristics very well. This is an option for those who work alone or cannot yet “think big” about SEO and digital marketing.

The WooRank is a favourite of many software professionals and freelancers who are still seeking results even with small investments. Have this profile? Try it!

18. Linkdex

To close, another prominent tool in the market. The Linkdex has high technical standards and provides several options for those who shit with digital marketing. Search Metrics, it is an option for larger companies working on large marketing projects.

Marketing tools help a lot in market analysis and consumer profile study. Remember that choosing the best one depends on many factors. This is why you must make good strategic planning, evaluate the market and know the tools available. If possible test them, before definitely adopting them. 

Remembering that the best thing to do is to implement a good strategy, stick to it for a while and be prepared to adapt or change if necessary. Combining this with good tools will give you enough to reach your SEO and digital marketing goals.

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