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Don’t Get Power Apps Without a License – Here’s Why

by William Jayden
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As a power app consulting firm, we often get asked – can you use Power Apps without a license?

The short answer is yes; you can build and test basic apps without a license. However, deploying and sharing those apps with others requires an appropriate Power Apps license.

Significant limitations to be aware of

When you first sign up for Power Apps, you get access to a free trial version. This allows you to build and test apps without any license. However, there are significant limitations to be aware of:

  • You can only build apps for personal use. Without a license, you cannot formally deploy or share apps with colleagues.
  • You miss out on using many advanced features like AI Builder, Power Automate flows, Common Data Service connections, etc. The free version has limited capabilities.
  • Restrictions on custom controls, component framework, data storage, and more constrict your app development abilities.
  • You cannot distribute or publish apps to the broader organization or collect usage metrics. Only licensed users can access the apps.

Why You Still Need a Power Apps License

Although you can use Power Apps without a license for learning and testing, any practical application still requires an appropriate license.

Here are 3 key reasons why:

  1. To formally deploy and share apps in your organization, all app users need a relevant Power Apps license. Without licenses, they cannot access the apps.
  2. You need a licensed version to use advanced features like AI Builder, Power Automate, Dataverse connections, etc. The capabilities are limited with the free tier.
  3. For publishing apps to the entire organization, accessing usage metrics, managing permissions and security – you need Power Apps licenses.

“We tried using Power Apps without licenses initially. But once we wanted to scale app deployment, we realized licenses are mandatory for practical use,” says Michael, Power Apps consultant.

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Types of Power Apps Licenses

There are 3 main categories of Power Apps licenses available:

  • Power Apps per app plan: Ideal for light, targeted app deployments
  • Power Apps per user plan: Best for broader deployments across the larger user base
  • Power Apps per maker plan: For the developers building the actual apps

“We recommend the per-user plan for most enterprises. It allows unlimited app access for all licensed users,” suggests Lisa, Power Platform expert.

The specific license type and pricing can vary based on your needs and use cases. Contact our Power App consulting team to understand the best-fit licenses for your organization.

In Summary

While you can explore basic Power Apps capabilities without a license for testing, any practical app usage in an enterprise environment requires appropriate licensing.

Licenses enable you to formally deploy apps, access advanced features, distribute apps at scale, and manage permissions. Don’t get caught without licenses if you want to truly leverage Power Apps in your organization! Reach out to our consultants today for any licensing-related guidance.

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