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The Art of Perfectly Packing Your Belongings for a Stress-Free Move

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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Moving to a new home can be an exciting new chapter. However, the logistics of safely transporting all your worldly possessions can quickly become overwhelming. 

Moving to a new home can be an exciting new chapter. However, the logistics of safely transporting all your worldly possessions can quickly become overwhelming. 

Proper planning and strategic packing techniques are crucial to loading your moving supplies edmonton on a truck utilizing every inch of space while keeping your sanity. This guide shares time-tested tips to efficiently pack an entire household for a smooth, stress-free moving day.

Carefully Audit and Organize Your Belongings

The first step is to objectively assess everything you intend to bring along for the move. Be ruthless and set aside any items that are broken, unused, or no longer sparking joy. Sort what remains by room into keep, donate/trash, and sell piles. This editing process clears out clutter so you can focus on only the essentials to pack.

Create a Room-by-Room Inventory

Walk through each room and create a detailed inventory of what needs to be moved. Note the number of boxes required per room based on items like:

  • Kitchen items (dishes, appliances, pantry goods)
  • Bedroom contents (clothing, shoes, bedding)
  • Bathroom supplies (towels, toiletries, medications)
  • Electronics (TVs, computers, cables)
  • Furniture pieces

This checklist keeps your packing progress organized room-by-room. It also helps the movers know what goes where.

Label Accordingly

Clearly label each box by room and contents using a color-coded labelling system. For example, use green labels for kitchen, yellow for bedrooms, blue for bathroom. Include basics like “Master Bedroom Closet” or “Kitchen Gadgets.” This keeps things fast and easy to identify later.

Use a Strategic Packing Order

Packing order is key to fully utilize all the nooks and crannies of your moving truck. Follow this sequence:

1. Large Furniture & Mattresses

Load bulky items like bookcases, beds, couches, and mattresses along the perimeter and packed in tightly with moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent shifting. Get heavy pieces in first to build a “wall” to brace other boxes against.

2. Medium Boxes & Small Furniture

Fill gaps between larger items with solid medium boxes (aim for uniform sizes). Then wedge in small furnishings like chairs, end tables or lamps. As you build layers, interlock shapes and use furniture to anchor boxes in place.

3. Lighter Items & Odd Shapes

Sprinkle in lighter loads like bedding boxes, clothing, lamp shades or artwork to fill the narrow spaces between stacked layers. Weirdly shaped items like ironing boards, folding chairs or floor lamps can be worked in wherever they fit.

4. Essentials Box

Finally, keep a single “essentials” box handy with necessities you’ll need first when unloading like toilet paper, tools, towels, medications, charging cables, and cleaning supplies. This portable survival kit lets you handle any urgent needs if other boxes get buried.

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Use Specialized Packing Tactics

Apply these packing best practices to get the most mileage out of your moving truck:

Optimize Your Boxes

Pack boxes tightly without overstuffing or crushing. About 75% full allows some give to avoid bursting. Wrap fragile items individually first for added protection. If you have extra room, fill it with socks, towels or other soft goods.

Secure Your Load

Prevent shifting by sealing boxes tightly, taping down tops and bottoms, and cocooning furniture in moving blankets. 

String netting over piles and anchor with ratchet straps. Place wedges under wheels or feet. The goal is to create an interlocking block that stays snug in transit.

Maximize Your Footprint

Think vertically and pack wall-to-wall in every row. Aim for straight uniform stacks you can build upon. 

Place planks across large items like dressers to stack a second level of boxes. Suspend lighter bags and bedding overhead. The standard is cargo space left means wasted space!

Have the Right Moving Supplies in Edmonton

You can find everything required for an organized, secure move at local Edmonton moving stores. 

Be sure you have ample boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture pads, packing paper, markers, rope and moving blankets. Investing in quality supplies makes your packing efforts more effective.

Stay Focused and Don’t Rush

Packing an entire house is a massive undertaking. Break it down room-by-room and reward mini-milestones. Schedule blocks of 3-4 hours at a time to avoid burnout. 

Stay hydrated and don’t abandon strategy just to get things done quicker. Carefully packed possessions withstand moving day chaos!

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