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Embrace Nature Indoors: Crafting Your Oasis With Living Moss Wall Art

by William Jayden
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In natural environment it is hard to find the quiet and lonely corner between fierce and aggressive present world. However, you might want to create the atmosphere of being at the outdoors instead of being confined within four walls of your home. 

Step into the uncanny world of living moss wall art, where the beautiful combination of the abstract and nature creates a peaceful, natural place in any environment. 

Starting from its magical effect to its beauty, we are going to dive into the world of moss wall art where you will learn how it is able to turn your living spaces into enlivened ones.

The Artistry Of Moss

The living moss wall should not only be considered to be a decorative element in the house, but also a piece of art that was crafted by nature itself. Unbelievably, every species of moss can pride itself on having its own, individual texture, hue, and habit of growing. 

Cushion or velvet cushions used to create moss cushions are mainly used for the sensual vibes, but believe it or not fern or delicate moss is also a great choice to inspire the senses. 

Designers generally mix various moss species for texture and color in the live moss wall art which teleports one in the tranquility of a true moss forest and a peaceful field of meadow.

Sustainable Décor

The sustainability movement is being embraced by more and more people globally, and eco-friendly styles in decor are becoming a popular choice. Eco-sensible moss living walls shed light on the fact that they are quite resource-efficient and do perfectly well in most growing conditions. 

As opposed to the soil, mosses do not require the soil to survive—the application of protect it from harsh sunlight and rare misting will be enough to make it look fresh and green. 

On top, moss also acts as carbon dioxide absorber and releases oxygen, therefore purifying the air and the indoor environment is healthier.

Maintenance Made Easy

Say goodbye to the tangled hassles of pruning and watering. The no-hassle, wall mounted greenery of living moss art gives you an alternate way of ecological order. 

In contrast with highly sensitive plants, moss enjoys the low labor demands and dark environments of places with little natural lighting. A slight misting from time-to-time aids in maintaining the overall appearance of the plant. 

Contrary to as is typical of houseplants, moss doesn’t run out of place in its container and the beauty remains long-lasting without any input of extra efforts

Biophilic Benefits

Human beings are linked to nature because, according to the biophilia concept, this is an internal need. The fact that adding the natural environment is part of our environments has been proven to have effect of depression, competition and health. 

The ability of the growing art moss wall to emulate the restorative effect of nature, bypassing the cocoon of the concrete jungle into in city apartments, workplaces and healthcare facility is one of the most unique and powerful qualities of the artwork. 

Custom Creations

If you are looking for a decorative piece that blends with various environments effortlessly, a living moss wall can be a timeless and beautiful option. For instance, your imagination is the limit whether you want to add some character. 

Artists know how to build a living moss wall and they have the flexibility to customize the panels with respect to the size, shape and arrangement of their preference, which can be perfectly matched with an aesthetic vision or space demands. 

For instance, humdrum monochromatic minimalist drawings may be transformed into elaborate phytomorphic murals, depending on the owner’s character and preferences. Contraction and Elimination


Moss wall pieces of art created by humankind stand out amidst the pages of a book with no green pages–they become a place for followers of the nature’s embrace to rest on. 

This artwork is not only profoundly appealing to the eye, it is sustainable and allowing us to connect with nature through biophilic aspects. 

Hence, question yourself now on why don’t try this by yourself and make your moss wall art yourself when you can? To the inner self, came a serene nature, now your abode will be the epicenter of peace and tranquility.

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