Are you ready to get the new world of the iPhone? Or, you’re probably already has grabbed one of them, but like to get an upgrade to the latest better model. Yes, you can do it for some specific models to get converted to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. Whatever you do and your situation, you should check off some specific things on the first day of getting the phone. For example, if you’re with an old iPhone then maybe going to like to get its contents for your new phone. What you can do is that you should get your desired contents through iTunes on your Mac or PC that’s the quickest way to get them. So, you need to get the backup of your phone so you can face any possible disaster.

Now, let’s know some more things that you need to do when you get your phone first out of getting a Telstra international SIM card.

Get Set Face ID or Touch ID

You’re not bounded to get switched to Apple’s face ID or Touch ID for your recognition, but it’s a wise act if you’re careful about your security. Also, you’ll get an invitation to do that when you switch on your phone for the first time. But, you have to go to another way if you skip the first invitation. Besides, you can use the option of Setup as an alternative to active your Face ID for the highest security. At the same time, you also can use a passcode of six-digit if you like to get an extra layer of security.

Switch On Useful Features

Those who are with visual impairments and use iOS can get switched on the additional features like VoiceOver or Screen to hear the text that comes on your screen. If you want to activate it then you have to tap Settings, General, and then Accessibility. Here you’ll get a customizable touch screen interfaces, such as Custom Gestures and Assistive Touch. Also, if you like to improve your audio quality to hear clearly then you can switch on Hearing Aid Mode. Use a cheap and best Telstra phone plans to make all these things easier.

Modify Your Control Centre

As the control panel in iOS or its upper versions come with highly personalization feature, you can easily customize your desired settings and options. You can start getting customized by heading to Setting, Control Center, and then Customize Control. When you’re there, you can choose to pick your favorite features for you. The apps you can customize here are including the Flashlight, Low Power Mode, and Alarm. In addition to these, you also can get Apple TV Remote, Notes, Accessibility Shortcuts, and Do Not Disturb While Driving apps.

Turn On & Set Up iCloud

You should switch on iCloud when you’re new to the products of Apple that’s a remote storage service from Apple Company. Also, it’s very easy to get started with this service of Apple. In this case, you’ll get help from the iPhone’s setup assistant.


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