Keep Your Possessions Safe When Moving Locally

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. However, it also comes with the risk of items being misplaced or damaged during the relocation process.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. However, it also comes with the risk of items being misplaced or damaged during the relocation process. 

When moving locally, local moving services provide convenience but you still need to take precautions with your valuables. Follow these tips to pack, transport, and track your most precious possessions.

Audit and Organize Your Belongings

The first step is taking inventory. Walk through each room and create a list of all valuable items, including furniture, artwork, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, and jewelry.

Assign a monetary value or priority level to each piece. For example, designate “high priority” for heirlooms or pieces above a certain dollar value threshold. This helps you determine desired insurance coverage and extra precautions.

Next, gather packing supplies like bubble wrap, tissue paper and durable boxes. As you pack, organize boxes by room and contents. 

Clearly label with descriptions like “Master Bedroom: Breakable Items” or “Kitchen: Plates and Glasses.” Color coding moving boxes are also helpful.

“I once moved a client who organized their boxes by room and priority level with color labels. It made unloading their belongings super smooth.” – Amanda, 5 years experience in local moves

Carefully Pack Fragile Items

Protect fragile belongings with ample cushioning materials. Wrap each plate, bowl, or decorative item separately before placing it gently in a sturdy box, surrounded by crumpled newspaper or packing paper on all sides.

Fill empty spaces at the top with additional balled-up tissue paper. Reinforce heavier objects, like stoneware pots or vases, by doubling up on bubble wrap.

Seal boxes securely with packing tape, especially those marked “Fragile.” Make these visually stand out by color-coding them red.

local moving services
Item TypeRecommended Packing Method
Framed photos and artworkIndividually wrap then place on the edge in a box filled with cushioning
Appliances and electronicsUse original manufacturer boxes if possible, and surround them with balled-up paper

Keep Valuables With You When Possible

For very high-value or irreplaceable items, experts recommend keeping them personally with you instead of trusting movers. This could include jewelry, money, important documents, heirlooms, or small valuables.

Load these carefully protected possessions into your vehicle right before moving day. Unpack them first when arriving at your new house. Consider using a secure, hard-sided case for transport.

When my family moved from Boston, my mom filled her SUV with boxes of antique china, photo albums, and jewelry she inherited from her grandparents. – David, customer

If that’s not possible, clearly label these “do not move” boxes for movers to set aside so you can take responsibility.

Track Your Stuff

Have an inventory list available during packing and unpacking to check items as they are loaded and unloaded. Report any missing items or visible damage immediately.

You can also track moving progress remotely by requesting mobile updates from movers. 

Some local moving companies offer GPS tracking of trucks so you can follow your belongings every step of the way.

Protect Your Investment

Prevent heartache down the road by securing valuables for local moves. Take time to carefully pack and transport irreplaceable items with trusted professionals. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

What possessions hold the most value as you consider a move? Share your top priority items and packing tips with us below!