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Tips to Verify an E-Store Whether It’s Fake or Not

by William Jayden
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A great number of people everyday shop online and spend a huge amount of money. At the same time, the retailers’ numbers are equally remarkable. So, you will get a large number of e-shop to buy different sort of items.

This is why you need to know about the e-shop is trustworthy or not before making any automotive payment. You will get tips below to keep your online shopping online and hassle-free. So, before you look for “payment orchestration platform,” let’s know some tips about this issue.

Source Code

It is easy and simple to see the source code of any website. To do so, click on the website and command view the web page source code. Trustful and expert sites use web designers to make websites.

But if you get any sentence that matches or closely matches “HTML Plus,” “HTML Generator,” “Created with Generator Plus,” trigger that fishy and go through deep down.


An encrypted SSL site’s URL first word should be https://. So, if a website or e-store asks for the home address, credit card info like sensitive data, you need to verify that the site URL is SSL protected.

Full Information

If you do not get detailed information about the seller or reach the seller, it’s alarming. So, try to get full details about them. Mostly, privacy policy details their services with photos, terms, and conditions, represents greater chances to be a trustful e-shop. On the other hand, brief on their product and services seem not right.

Alexa, Whois and Page Rank

Alexa can provide the site’s popularity, other websites link to, the details of who visits this e-shop according to education, age, and gender. Also, look for historical information like IP address, registrar and name server with screenshot history.

Page Rank provides information about PR numbers representing the website’s importance in terms of the whole internet. So, the higher the PR value shows the more reliability and trust.

After getting the information mentioned above, it would be easy to trust any website with a green signal. On the other hand, a low score from the website information results in a fraud e-store.


Spam or Fake sites may be backlist to warn people as a wary website. It could be a mistake if any sites blacklisted once, but you need to very careful if any e-store makes spam on several servers. So, it would be risky to make a deal with such an e-store.

Web Achieve

Web archives provide information about the start time of any website and look at that time. So, if an e-shop claims that they are doing business for five years, you can verify it. If the information match, make it trustful and safe.

Internet Opinions

You can look for the review or opinion for the e-store. There is a possibility to have a fake review, but it makes the site safe if you get many positive reviews.

Mostly, social sites like Twitter and Facebook reviews represent the safety and quality of the service. So, you can use this information to identify the areas that are genuine and not fake.

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