Top 5 Things to Do in Brisbane

What to do while in Brisbane? Let’s know!

1. Visit Story Bridge

It is a kind of the connecting point for three major areas of Brisbane including Kangaroo Point, central Brisbane, and Fortitude Valley. While this bridge is considered as a major attraction for this place where you can enjoy your day trekking, eating, sightseeing and clicking some amazing pictures. The best thing is to reach its top which is 260 feet above the sea level while you can also abseil down its side in a kayak or on a ferry. Also, it is all free of cost apart from doing activities like kayaking or using ferry which is also very much economical to spend a good day of your vacations. Also when choosing unlimited international calling plans, choose the plan you need, not the one you want.

2. Check Out Queensland Art Gallery

No matter if you are an art lover or no, this gallery just worth your visit where you can experience some really unique yet fascinating pieces of art. You cannot simply compare the beauty of those art pieces with any other art as these are considered to be unique in itself with 17000 different paintings, sculptures and other decorative stuff. You do not even need to pay anything in the name of fees to visit this amazing art gallery as it is completely free of cost for visitors. You will also find a restaurant and a restroom there so you don’t get tired in roaming around this great huge gallery.

3. See City Botanic Gardens

Well if you are a peace lover and looking for some silent yet peaceful and beautiful places then you should must see their botanic gardens. It is not even very much farther from city center and you can easily rent a bike to reach here. It is also free of cost place with wide parking space available where you can enjoy a Bamboo Grove, ornamental ponds, a riverfront cycling area and the Weeping Fig Avenue. There are also volunteers available to guide you through the gardens or you can take a map from them to explore the gardens yourself.

4. Experience Their Lifestyle at Brisbane Museum

It is located on Brisbane City Hall which shows their local lifestyles of residents throughout the years. There are five galleries of this museum showing their local art, historic ceramics and several multimedia presentations. There is also a theater along with some cafes, restrooms, gift shops and the Dome Lounge to make it an interesting place for visitors. You will find activities for every age from kids to adults to make it a perfect visit of your vacations.

5. Must Visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This sanctuary is one of the world’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary where people even come for their research and study purposes apart from having fun. The best part of this place is having a chance of cuddling with these snuggly creatures along with sighting of koala bears. You would also see many of other native Australian animals there apart from koalas while its location around a Brisbane river make this whole place a very beautiful place which deserve a must visit.

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