Why You Should Stop Facebook Ads for Dropshipping


Are you implementing Facebook advertisements to drive new customers for Amazon dropshipping service or to your dropshipping Shopify store? Halt! Over the last few months, I’ve seen several postings on Facebook from dropshipping rookies. They aren’t making money by sending Facebook Ads to their eCommerce sites.

Facebook advertisements aren’t anything new. But I see a lot of difficulties in many of the newbie eCommerce groups. Hence, I wanted to explain why your Facebook advertisements aren’t converting.

And they provide you with a technique that can yield improved results almost instantly. Therefore, before you look for dropship bundles pricing, let’s begin!

Traffic With No Intention of Purchasing

This crux of the issue is that when individuals go to Facebook. They aren’t seeking to buy items. As a result, when consumers see your Facebook advertising in their feed, they may be interested in your goods. But they generally do not have the intent to purchase.

Assume you have a good Shopify store that has conversion-optimized. So, your target audience is reading through their Facebook pages when you decide to target them with an ad.

Your clients see your ad because they follow elite surfers and a few surfing periodicals. And they have expressed an interest in that topic.

Traffic with a Purchasing Intention

Use Google Product Listing Ads to find traffic that will convert. Assume the same scenario: you have a fully operational surfboard Shopify store. But this time, your lead is searching for an ‘8ft surfboard’ on Google, and your Google ad shows.

They have a lot higher purchase intent if they click on your ad and visit your business. So, they want to buy something and are actively seeking items. They’re a hot lead waiting to be converted.

It implies that they are far more likely to purchase from you if they click on your ad. This is a cold audience, which means they are not yet ready to buy.

Google Product Listing Ads

Well, let me show you a live example of Google PLAs utilizing the previous search phrase, ‘8ft surfboard.’ When you look at your results, the first thing you notice has sponsored sites.

They are all Google Product Listing Ads. This is where your Shopify store will display. You have a product image, your store name, a descriptive title, and the price in each ad.

They are not only looking for your items. But they also know the pricing before they ever get on your page. So, if they click on your ad, it suggests they have a lot of purchase intent.

The Most Effective Facebook Ads

The most excellent way to use Facebook advertisements, in my opinion, is to capture leads. You may create a lot of extra cash with well-targeted advertising and effective email sequences.

Inbox Funnels is a course I just created that teaches you how to create such email sequences. It’s available in the Drop Ship Lifestyle member’s area.

How to Keep Yourself Out of the Spam Box

It’s the next stage for your company, but first, concentrate on your Google PLAs. Continue to use the traffic source with the highest intent and brings in customers ready to buy right now.


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