5 Reasons Why You Have Less Returning Patients

Medical practices are always looking to attract as many patients as they can. That’s why they use latest equipment and reliable free online image storage system. With your practice, it’s not any different. To grow your medical practice, you need in flow of more patients, but if your practice is not even keeping the current number of patients loyal, you need to know why people are leaving your practice. Below are the reasons.

1. Lack of Communication

Doctors who don’t communicate well with their patients don’t come up as the friendliest person for the patient to have them checked. Communication is key and especially in the field of medical, you should keep communicating with your patients about their progress and what the next step is. Patients are always curious about their progress so when they ask you questions about their condition or progress, you should update them and answer them to not make them feel frustrated to leave your practice.

2. Not Providing Details of Your Services

There are times when a patient will barely visit or not at all if they think your practice doesn’t facilitate the areas of their concern. They may think that your practice doesn’t have what they want and this makes them want to go elsewhere. A brochure or leaflet is not enough for your patients to understand your service and that’s why you must sit and talk to them about the care they require.

3. Extended Delays

Delays can happen in any hospital or medical practice. They are completely natural but an extended delay can make patients very frustrated. Your patients are busy people and they take their time off from their busy schedule to come to you on your agreed-upon appointment. Not meeting the doctor at that time can cause a stir in the waiting room and patients can leave your practice. Avoid this by making them understand why there is a delay or have them rescheduled. Use better equipment, scheduling system, and free online image store to access data faster and provide care on time.

4. Your Online Reputation Is Not Good

When you are not careful about your current patients, they leave and they often put up negative reviews and comments on your website or Facebook page. These reviews play a big role in patients choosing your practice. Online reputation plays a big part in bringing new patients to your practice and if you are having trouble finding new patients then you must think about the reviews that are present on your website.

5. Customer Services

Customer service plays an important role in maintaining the number of patients coming to your practice. Your staff must be trained to treat the patients adequately and help them in their troubles. This means you should have a consistent front desk, your office should be clean, the phone calls should be answered every time, the billing system should be clear and you or the physician should be available at the office hours.


These are the few mistakes that can lead your patients into thinking that either they are not being treated properly or they are being neglected. Controlling these factors can result in more patients visiting your practice.


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