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Tips to Use Some Common Fonts for The Web Designers

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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All those unique font types could be confusing when you’re first-time learning the types of typography. Most web designers know what the differences are between sans-serif and serif fonts. But, you might rarely or not familiar with the proper time to use it.

Also, it’s the same for the other subtypes of these fonts. As a web design Melbourne Australia professional, you should know that there are 4 major forms of fonts that you’re able to use in your web design. All of the fonts come with their own and exclusive look.

But, you’re probably not sure when and where to start with. As the website design Melbourne Australia, we’re here to help you to make you understand when and how you should use some of the common web designing fonts.


This font type is suitable for professional and elegant designs. It’s a very stylish font and has marked with some dashes that are extending from every letter’s stroke. When it comes to the print media, the font is being used for a long time.

If you use this font, you’ll be able to give your website a stylish and traditional tone. Also, you can use this type of font for most places in your web design. These include body text and header, but you always should avoid it using very smaller sizes.

Going back to the 1400s for the Old Style, you’ll find it has marked with diagonal stress and contrast of low line. Also, you can go with its other styles like Transitional and Didone fonts.


If you see the history of this font, you’ll find it was rejected by its stylish cousins as it was less attractive. But, its legible and bold typeface is currently using to provide the charm of simplicity, efficiency, and modernity. There is a lack of smaller strokes at the lower part of the font.

Thus, it’s much legible for on-screen presentations and suitable for where you need to use the smaller font size. This is the all-in-one type of font and great to look at any length and any size of the text. So, it’s perfect to use when you need to make an effect of minimalist or modern vibe.

Apart from this, the font has some different subtypes as well. These include Grotesque, Neo-Grotesque, Geometric, and Humanist. That’s why you can use them in different places that will give you a unique look on your website.


This is the type of font that’s famous for its cursive, handwritten, and calligraphic-like writing style. It comes with some styles of serifs with a blend of beautiful and authentic design. But, it has not crafted for legibility, unlike serifs.

This font is not suitable for use in the website’s body and the long passages than one or two paragraphs. However, they’re great to look at headers, short quotes, and logos. That’s why to making an effort of a script font if you require something a bit more unique.

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