5 Worst Home Improvement Projects


Home renovation projects are done to make your house look new and increase the value of your house. But, beware of the following projects, as they are some of the worst projects for renovation.

1. Over-The-Top Bathrooms

Bathrooms should not be luxurious in any way. They should be functional and simple. Having luxurious bathrooms with fireplaces, waterfall attachments and other over-the-top fixtures will do nothing for the value of your house. Most people prefer simple and modern bathrooms. Learn the lesson and don’t put all of your money in a luxurious bathroom.

2. Luxury Kitchen

The same aspect goes for the kitchen. Having a simple kitchen will be easier for you and others. Avoid renovating the kitchen in to a luxury-inn. This is not a smart decision to make. Although kitchen remodeling is less expensive than bathroom remodeling, but if you don’t want your money and time to go to waste, then put luxury in more meaningful places, rather than the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Having a Swimming Pool

When people were asked about some home renovations they regret doing, a lot of people answered “swimming pool”. It is not surprising though. Swimming pool are a constant maintenance commodity. They have to be cleaned on a regular basis and you don’t seem to use it every now and then. Water consumption is also high in houses, where there is a swimming pool. That extra space can be put to more use, such as extending your garage or making a small garden for fruits and vegetables. Anything is better than a big swimming pool.

4. All-Carpet Floors

Carpets are great, but what’s not great is a floor covered with carpets. They are useless for many reasons. First of all, they are very hard to wash; you need to hire someone professional to clean these big carpets for you. Secondly, they are not practical; you can’t walk barefoot all around the house so that your carpet doesn’t get dirty. Also, they are hard to remove once you change your mind and they cost a lot. Choose wisely when it comes to flooring. A better option is to go for flooring which is high quality and less-maintenance. You will be pleased with yourself.

5. Built-In Cinema

A classic and over-the-top renovation project would be a home cinema. This is useless for a lot of reasons as well. First of all, it costs a lot to buy a wall-size cinema projector and the electronics that come along with an in-home cinema are very expensive. Also, people don’t use the cinema a lot. This is true. Many people include an in-home cinema just for the fun of it, and don’t think practically. This approach is wrong. Think logically and make a good use out of an extra room.

Another unwise thing is not using a trash removal service after remodel. Because you need to dispose of debris responsibly and these services ensure that.

You ask around about junk removal service. Also, you can also do trash removal yourself by renting a truck if you have the time.


Now that you know what projects not to carry out for renovation, save your money and time. The right projects will make your house look beautiful as well as increase the value of your house.


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