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Top 5 Free PACS Servers

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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PACS is a medical image storing and archiving system. There are PACS servers in medical facilities that can store and archive medical images found from different types of scans, e.g. X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET, etc. Those images can be viewed using PACS software. Most PACS servers cost a lot but there are some free PACS servers, too. We have made a list of the top 5 free PACS servers.


Orthanc is an open-source, modular lightweight free PACS server which was originated from Belgium. It has a rich API and lots of plugins that support different types of databases and DICOM viewers. It has a plugin mechanism that can add new modules that can extend the core capabilities of its REST API. Orthanc can run in Windows, Linux, and iOS. It’s lightweight and standalone, so it doesn’t require a complex database administration.


EasyPACS is a free PACS server that allows its users to set up the server with an online DICOM viewer. This server uses dcm4che API tools and the latest frameworks such as Spring Boot and Gradle Build Environment and that’s why there’s no need to set up a server. The jar file contains the web-server within itself. This PACS server uses different frameworks and platforms and the source code in this server is inspiring to other developers because it uses a compact platform with less code and more efficiency.

Vendors charge a high price for PACS servers and EasyPACS offers a free server which is a good reason to use it. Also, setting up a standalone PACS server is typically not enough because they are very expensive, but EasyPACS’s jar file contains both the server and the web. This server uses an MYSQL database because it makes it flexible and the usage becomes easy.


Dicoogle has a modular structure that is combined with a developer-friendly SDK that enables developers to make applications that are medical imaging server-ready. It’s an open-source free PACS server that has a plugin-based architecture. It has been tested with more than 25 million of indexed DICOM objects and is made for big data paradigms. It offers medical image storing, query, retrieving, etc. It’s compatible with any modern browsers and is free for use. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


JVSDicom is yet another enterprise-grade open source DICOM compatible PACS server which is free to use. It was built in C++ and it supports both 32 and 64-bit architecture, and it also supports simultaneous connections. It works in Windows and supports even the very older versions.


Open Health Imaging Foundation or, OHIF has built a powerful DICOM viewer which provides a full PACS interface for the medical professionals. It was developed using Meteor the JavaScript development platform and comes with production-ready medical imaging tools that are useful for diagnosis. This PACS server supports a wide range of DICOM modalities and makes the users more efficient in their work.


Setting up a PACS server for a PACS system hospital costs a lot of money and since PACS aren’t vendor-neutral, a standalone PACS server is not the right choice sometimes because it’s expensive. Free PACS is a good alternative.

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