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How To Build Links Through Content Marketing?

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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Here are some ways how you can build links through content marketing.

1. Guest Blogging

This is the best and most powerful content method to get backlinks and do link building. For this, the site owners have to outreach other relevant but high authority sites to share guest posts and earn backlinks in return. This is an ever-going process and with the passage of time, sites become better when they get more backlinks. It is one of the best link building content marketing tactics.

2. Research Reports

In every industry or sector, there is a dire need of research and new works. Any brand working on research studies manages to get more exposure and better brand recognition. If the new study is informative and interesting, people share it. Even the best websites with huge traffic also share such works and backlink the original site. So you will also get a lot of backlinks from studies.

3. Content Gap

There are competitors in every business. But not all make the same sales and profit. They have different techniques but the goal is same. However, very few people try to fill the content gap in a sector. Whoever manages to fill the content gap, makes it to the top. In this time and age, it is the content that can bag you quality backlinks.

4. Interviews

People love to hear from the influencers and experts. Let us talk about the tech sector. If you have a tech news website, there are a good number of people who want to hear from the CEOs, and other influential people in the sector. So you can do interviews and this is a great source of getting backlinks. Everyone interested will share the interviews, and you will earn backlinks as well as social shares.

5. Visual Content

Visual content gets more attention and offers better results than simple content – hence it’s great for link building content marketing. It includes infographics, illustrations and videos. Users find videos more reliable than content. This is a great source of getting thousands of backlinks from the best and relevant sites. So you can create videos. Apart from backlinks, you will also grow your fan base as well as traffic.

6. Press Release

A press release PR is issued when some important information or message is to be shared. When Apple, Microsoft or Google has something new, they issue a press release. This is shared by thousands of users and the brand gets backlinks as well as shares. So you can also work on PR to get quality backlinks.

7. Guides and eBooks

Not many people believe in guides and eBooks but they are really good when it comes to getting backlinks. You can offer details and comprehensive guides to users. They would love to share every post if it is informative and has some interesting for them.

8. Trending Content

There is always something trending in the world. You will find some topics and ideas more trending on social sites than others. These trends and topics can give you quality link building content marketing. If you create content on these topics and share with the users, you will manage to bring few quality backlinks and social shares too.

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