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Tips to Find the Right One from Web Design & Web Development

by William Jayden
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Before you decide to be a web designer or web developer, you should go through this post. This is because it might contain some more things that you know and that are essential to know for you. When it comes to websites, they’re made of their front-end, back-end, initial design concept, and its responsive user interface. But, you should know that these tasks have a lot of differences and they overlap in many ways. As a result, you’ll find things are somehow difficult to choose the right one for yourself. So, you must know which one suits you better than others as per an aspect of your skill and educational qualifications. As a new individual in this field, you might get confused easily thinking many things because it’s a daunting thing to decide the right one.

Web Design and Web Development

Well, let’s know to get things easy and simple with some tips to find out the right one among web designer and web developer. 

Web Designer

Regardless of web application development New York, web designing profession needs a wide range of skill from graphic designing to simple front-end programming. In this trade, you’ll have to be expert in the apps of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver or some other equivalent programs. Moreover, you should get a better understanding of HTML and CSS and a little bit of JavaScript for some cases. This is because you’ll start by making a template, mockup, or wireframe to get a decision on the overall appearance and feel of your designed site on many jobs. Apart from these, you just need to be implementing the right images, best-looking colors, and the perfect font.

When you’ll be able to make happy your client, you have to make an example of the site with code. It’s true all web designers don’t learn code, but it’s usually best to learn code to widen up your skills. Of course, there is no alternative to being creative and a passion for art, but don’t worry if you’re not an artist. So, you can concentrate on sharpening your artistic skill whether you’d love to build website mockups, logos, icons or all of the said above.

Web Developer

Usually, there are two major types of web developer, such as front-end and back-end. Also, you’ll be heard about the full-stack web developer who has skill in both ends. When it comes to the front-end developers, they work for the look of the site using CSS, HTML, and jQuery or JavaScript. As it’s very essential to crafting a user interface that should good and better looking, you’ll need to have the skill of design that goes with this task. But, those who want to make the backbone of a site are back-end developers and they work with the databases, servers, and applications of behind-the-scenes. Apart from knowing all of a front-end developer knows; they need to learn a wider range of languages, including PHP, Ruby, SQL, and Python. Being a full stack web developer, you can be able to develop best custom web apps while that is not possible for a web designer.

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