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How to Get More Visitors On Your Business Website in 2019?

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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Here are some tips to increase your website traffic in 2019 as recommended by WordPress developers.

1. Optimize the Website

Website optimization is a must thing for every business site now. If the site is user-friendly, optimized and fast it can reduce the bounce rate as well as increases conversion rates. More of the visitors will stay on the site and they will also visit it again. You will also see visitors turn into your customers if the site is fully optimized for the users.

2. Mobile-Friendly

Do you want to lose 70% of the traffic coming through mobile phones? 70 out of 100 users searching something use their phones for browsing. For the phone users, most of the sites are not optimized that lead to low traffic. If you are sincere with your business, make your site mobile-friendly. You can also use mobile-first index feature introduced by Google.

3. Deliver Quality Content

The only reason why users stay on the website is content according to best ecommerce website design company. Poor content forces new visitors to leave the site immediately without performing any actions. So you have to be serious with your content. It should be well-researched and informative for the users. Quality content is also shared and ranks faster than poor quality content.

4. Advanced Link Building

There are a number of link building techniques that are really good when it comes to getting traffic. Use all the new and old but valid strategies for getting new visitors and improve the site ranking. HARO method, The Skyscraper technique, Link Reclamation, Using Directories, and many other advanced techniques will surely boost your website traffic to a great extent.

5. Use Social Sites

The social networking websites are a good source of traffic. The visitors coming from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites can be your potential clients. They will surely purchase something if you target them on social sites. The social traffic also helps to improve the page authority. You will see more users stay on the website for longer time period.

6. Encourage Reviews

Many sites don’t allow user comments on their blogs and posts. This is a negative idea and stops users from engagement. Many people want to ask something and they comment on posts. Furthermore, the comments also help new users find if the brand is reliable or not. Also display user comments and reviews on the homepage of the website.

7. Use Videos

Video content is one of the top things that will get all over 2019. Many experts believe with videos; you can attract more users to your websites. People also find video content more reliable and they believe such brands are trustworthy. You should also focus on creating interesting videos.

8. Improve the Website

The site design and layout should be attractive. When a new user enters the site, it should facilitate them without any hiccups. This improves the user satisfaction. Moreover, improve the site speed and make it as fast as possible. The overall site performance must be top-notch and as per the user expectations.

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