How to Rotate A PDF File


1. Rotate PDF by Thumbnail

You need not worry about how to rotate PDF document online anymore. We will share with you some tips regarding an excellent tool called PDFelement or Adobe Reader that works like a charm on Windows 10, 8.1, and 7. It does not only provide one feature of rotating PDF but also a couple of other features that make the editing experience worthwhile.

You can rotate or multiple pages. Start off by launching PDFelement, you can directly open the document or simply drag and drop. After the document has opened, click on the “Thumbnail” icon on the left hand side, to be displayed. If you want only one page to rotate, right click page in the thumbnail and select “Rotate”, proceed to select the direction in which you want the page to rotate.

For rotating all pages, go to the first page then press “CTRL+SHIFT” while scrolling down to select all pages, again select the “Rotate page” option to rotate the pages.

2. Using Page Menu

After you have opened the PDF file on Adobe Reader or any other tool, head to the page section and select a single page or press the “CTRL” key to select multiple. Proceed towards selecting the direction you want the document to rotate, either to the left or the right.

3. PDF Shaper Free

PDF Shaper is basically a free utility which has been designed for managing PDF files in Windows. It offers a plethora of features such as rotating, converting to different formats and much more. You can start off by installing the software which is free. Process to running the software, note that while you are installing it, it will give you the offer to install additional software, which you can decline. Launch the application and click rotate pages option. Add the file and rotate one page or all pages of the PDF file.

4. Free PDF Merger

This tool not only helps in managing files but it also helps you rotate page(s) permanently. No need rotate the page each time you use it or print it. You simple have to Download, Install and Run the program. Select and add the PDF file, proceed to selecting the orientation i.e. Vertical or Horizontal and then click the build button.

5. Rotate Files Online

There are many options available for rotating files online. Hoping and searching over the internet will present you with many options, but the problem is that using these tools online is always a risk. Since you are uploading your files to their server, which contains crucial and sensitive information, it is not normally recommended. But you can choose the ones that are reliable. You can ask your friends or someone who has experience of such things to recommend you a reliable and trustworthy source to PDF editor rotate pages online.

Also, you can find it out yourself online by using the term ‘rotate PDF document online’, and search for user reviews available, if any.


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