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Which Floor Mats You Should Buy in Winter & Why?

by William Jayden
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You’re not going to let your friends or relatives track down your house with mud and snow. When it comes to your trip, why let them off the hook?

Although you can’t continuously regulate what your boot-soles bring along, you can plan your journey with taking proper security. You should mount the best Audi floor mats that money can purchase to have the best protection possible.

Although the regular floor mats will do the job the rest of the year, the colder months require additional heavy-duty service. So, before you look for “all-weather car mat” read the article.

FITTED OR Standardized Type

Two simple types of winter rubber floor mats are available:

1. Form-fitting mats that have been designed especially for your car.

2. Generic mats, which are cut to match most cars.

The best safety is provided by form-fitting mats. But, they usually charge more, which means that many drivers prefer to pick a more common alternative.


Some winter rubber floor mats depend on friction to remain in place. Factory floor mats are designed to stick to the floor tethers of your car, the ones you can find at the dealership.

Mats that tie up to the tethers are a wise option for less moisture and grime under them. The ropes keep them from slipping around when you’re driving and actually blocking the accelerator or brake pedal.


In both the front and rear of the vehicle, floor mats can be installed, so you don’t have to vacuum road salt out of the back at the end of the winter season. You can buy most mats in four sets, with cutouts available to cover the middle segment or transmission hump.


Unlike cotton mats, moisture is not removed by winter rubber floor mats. They allow it to pool instead, where it will either freeze or ultimately evaporate into the vehicle’s cabin.

You may end up covering your shoes, boots, and the bottoms of your trousers in road salt if your winter mats have a tall lip, which may leave a nasty stain. Draining your mats of snow, ice, and water will help stop this build-up and keep you and your vehicle safe.

Why Should You Upgrade in Winter?

#1 Durability

One of the main pros of rubber floor mats is that they won’t stain or hang on to soil like conventional carpeted mats. Plus, even after years of heavy use, they are less likely to pull or tear.

#2 Easy to Clean

It’s quick to just pop rubber mats out and spray them down with water if you spill coffee or trail mud into your vehicle. This makes rubber floor mats suitable for drivers.

#3 Combat Rust

Using the wrong floor mats will actually do significant harm to your vehicle if you live in a weather-prone place that gets a lot of rain or snow. Standard floor mats cause moisture through your carpeting and down to your floor pans to infiltrate all the way, which can contribute to rusting over time.

#4 Pleasing Aesthetics

Over time, regular vinyl floor mats begin to decay, appearing worse and worse when more dust, mud, gravel, and humidity are used. Since rubber mats are more sturdy and easier to clean, they can keep your interior looking clean and tidy for longer.

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