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How to Deal with Too Much Stuff in Your House

by William Jayden
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If your cupboard is full of unwanted attire, kitchen is full of spare and unused utensils and a box filled with a mass stuff termed as memories which you have not looked for the past decade, then; it’s high time your house needs a massive cleanup.

Many times you tend to buy things at the spur of the moment, not pondering over the fact that whether you really need that thing or not. The result is over-accumulation of extra and unused stuff which just clutter your house. Too much stuff is not healthy for your own peace and for this you need to roll of your sleeves and deal with the stuff by reading the helpful points below.

1. Categorizing

The first thing you need to do is to categorize all the stuff and place them accordingly. Some stuff may be obsolete, some may be unusable, some new and some recyclable. Categorize your stuff with names as follows:

  • Donate
  • Discard
  • Recycle
  • Sell
  • Gift

It will be easy for you to clean up and toss the stuff in the respective boxes.

2. One at a Time

It is humanly impossible to clean the whole house at once, so do not even go that road. Spare your sanity and do one room or one portion at a time or even just one cupboard. Ponder over the stuff and see whether it has benefitted you over the years or not.

3. Take the Monthly Challenge

You cannot deal with the extra stuff in just a few days. In fact, you should give yourself a month to de clutter. You would be thinking that a month is a very long time, but look at it this way, you spent years in hoarding and collecting all the stuff so you would need time to cleanup as well.

4. Make Some Cash

The greatest incentive you can give yourself to cleanup is; MONEY. You will find tons of spare stuff in your house which you can sell as second hand stuff on either Etsy or you can also put up a garage sale outside your house. Also you can give your obsolete machineries and gadgets for recycling in exchange for cash.

5. The Forgotten Box

In every household there is a box full of old books, old clothes, memoirs of the ancestors and photo albums. You will surely have an emotional attachment with the box but let’s be real, when was the last time you opened that box? Maybe a decade ago? You can always scan the photos and store on your SD card if you want to keep the memories. Dish out all the extra stuff from that box.

6. More Is Not Equal to Happiness

You tend to associate more with happiness. But, you will actually feel happier and relieved when you tidy up your house and discard the stuff. Less things are equal to happiness and peace of mind.

7. Use a Junk Removal Service

The easiest way to deal with too much stuff is to hire a Palm Beach junk removal service that would take care of everything.

You can search online for junk removal Broward county services or ask around from your neighbors and friends.


Once you get in the habit of decluttering you will feel content and your house will also feel lighter and welcoming.

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