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9 Valuable Washing Machine and Laundry Tips

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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A washing machine is truly a blessing. If you do not believe it then ask your great-grandmother and she will tell you how she used to wash and scrub clothes and then wring them tightly and then dry them. It was truly a chore. Surely, you will have to put the clothes in the machine and then take out, iron and fold but the harder part has been done by the machine. If you have bought the new one and want it or any other appliance removed, use a Dade appliance service.

So, to make your task easier, read below to find out the best laundry tips and tricks.

1.Separate Your Clothes


The biggest problem of washing clothes is that the darker colored clothes run their color on the lighter colored ones. The solution, separate the dark colored clothes from the lighter colored ones. You can also keep 2 to 3 laundry bags near your machine with the labels; dark colored and light colored. Wash the dark-colored separately.

2. Keep the Stained Clothes Aside

If the clothes are full of stubborn stains then they will not be removed by washing in a washing machine. So to avoid the hassle of rewashing later, it is better to keep them aside. You should either scrub the stains first with hand s and put them in the machine or you can even apply stain remover detergents on the stains and let them react for 10 to 15 minutes and then put them in the machine.

3. Do Not Overload the Washer

Overloading the washer will result in problems with the machine as well as the clothes will not be washed properly and they will not be clean as they will have no space of moving.

4. Separate the Delicates

Some machines have a delicate clothes bag. Delicate clothes include undergarments, tights, and silk clothes. If your machine does not have a delicate bag, then you can put them in a pillow case and then put in the machine so that they do not get torn or stretched.

5. Prevent Color Fading

Washing regularly also leads to fading of dark-colored clothes such as your favorite dress or your favorite pair of jeans. One solution to prevent this is to turn your clothes inside out and then wash them so that it does not fade. Another solution is to add a teaspoon of salt in the water which fixes the color and does not cause fading.

6. The Right Temperature

Washing in very hot water could fade your clothes and also cause the color to bleed. While some detergents do not work well in cold water. So it is best to use room temperature water and wash all clothes with it.

7. Wash the Whites Separately

It is best to wash all white clothes separately so that there in color running on them and your whites stay white.

8. Air Dry the Machine

After washing, keep the door of the machine open to air dry and it and remove moisture and smells.

9. Keep It Clean

You should clean your machine every 15 days to prevent the buildup of residue and bad odors and this way it will work perfectly.

10. The health of Your Washing Machine

As your washing machine does quite most of the work, its health is important. If it is not working properly get it repaired or buy and safely remove it with the help of a Miami Dade county garbage pick up.

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