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8 Reasons Your Hospital Needs RIS

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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1. Better Material Management

Radiology Information System which is known as RIS has benefits for the healthcare sector. With paperwork, it becomes extremely hard to keep up and maintain the data. This issue is resolved with RIS which ensures computerized records. It becomes easy for radiologists to keep records of the important data.

2. Improves Efficiency

When we mention RIS, efficiency is one area in which it performs the best. Yes, the RIS is very helpful to improve efficiency. The whole data and patient record is stored in a single computer that everyone can access. The data is available to all the concerned officials which can be updated with time as well. It helps in improving efficiency and bring the most out of RIS.

3. Fewer Data Entry Mistakes

There was a time when the data was stored in form of papers and files. It was time consuming and hectic process. More were the chances of mistakes while documenting the records. However, this is not an issue when you are using the Radiology Information System. All data is digitized and has no chances of errors.

4. Saves Money

RIS systems have becomes more popular in the recent times for their benefits and great use in the healthcare sector. With RIS system radiology, the staff is able to finish the work in a short time. Fewer employees are needed to handle the bulk of work. It helps in saving money and improve revenues as well. This is a reason why so many hospitals prefer to invest in RIS.

5. Boosts Revenues

Just assume a situation where ten people are able to serve 20 patients in 10 minutes. There is another situation where one person serves 20 patients in 20 minutes. This is what RIS does. It helps improve productivity and attract more patients. As the customers increase, the revenue jumps up and the hospital sees growth with the passage of time. Revenues continue to increase.

6. Accurate Diagnosis

Coming to the health point of view, systems like RIS PACS software have been designed in order to prevent mistakes, get accurate diagnosis and serve the patients in the best possible ways. Patients get more accurate analysis of their diseases which helps the doctors provide them with relevant medicines. Patient satisfaction is also improved with such a system.

7. Better Patient Coordination

We know that data in RIS system radiology is in form of files which can be shared with anyone. When the doctors have to refer patients to the new hospitals, rehab centers or other places- it becomes pretty easy. This is very helpful when it comes to patient coordination.

8. Improved Patient Care

It goes without saying that RIS helps in providing better care. When a patient’s disease is diagnosed in accurate ways, he or she will get the best treatment. It will take less time to the patient to recover. They will spend less on their treatment and get better in a short time. Benefits of the system are countless in this time and age.

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