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6 Best Healthcare Advancements of The 21st Century

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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Following is the list of the best healthcare advancements of this century, which are two decades so far.

1. 3D Printed Body Parts

This is one of the best advancements in the healthcare after scientists produced 3D printed body parts in 2013. Another of scientists at MIT and University of Pennsylvania reproduced the similar body parts including blood vessels. When it comes to external body parts like nose, ear, skin, hands and others- this technology has helped a lot and can be regarded as the revolutionary innovation.

2. Medical Imaging

X-ray was the first thing for medical imaging in healthcare. It was introduced in 1890s and after that for a long time, no such alternative or improved machine was found. But in the past ten years, we have seen some major improvements for medical imaging. Like a mobile DICOM viewer for Android and other devices that produce better quality images of the body interior. They have helped in better detection of the diseases and in providing better treatment to the patients.

3. Cancer Therapies

Cancer is still one of the diseases that cannot be treated or has no cure. However, doctors use therapies and other treatment options to help the cancer patients. In the recent years, there have been some great improvements for cancer therapies. The doctors can better diagnose every cancer patient and know how it will react to a certain form of therapy. This has helped offer better treatment in less time and with quick recovery options.

4. Heart Treatment

It was reported in a study that heart patients who are admitted to the hospitals don’t live more than a year after hospitalization. But medical scientists have discovered a treatment for such patients. Serelaxin, a synthetic version of the hormone relaxin, has been introduced for such patients and it showed a 37% improvement in age and treating the heart issues.

5. Face Transplants

We see many people getting face transplants these days and it has become pretty common. The first partial face transplant was done in 2005 in France and just five years later, Spanish doctors performed a full-skull face transplant on a man who had damaged his face in an accident. The same year, a face transplant was done in the US and now we see it becoming more popular. People get hair, face, nose, ears and other face parts replaced.

6. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is offering remote treatment and diagnosis services to the people. It became possible because of advanced technology. Nowadays, many doctors are working from home and providing regular healthcare services to the patients sitting in remote areas of the world.


This was one of the best things to happen. Many people can’t afford expensive treatments so they get in touch with the renowned doctors through video calling and get treatments. This has also improved the quality of treatment because with affordable amount, the poor or low-income class people have access to better healthcare services and facilities. All thanks to the technology and fast internet that made this possible.

Here you go. With mobile DICOM viewer, now its easier for healthcare professionals to analyze medical data on the go. Accessibility of medical imaging data has made a real difference in the healthcare advancement.

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