How to Proofread Documents – 7 Universal Tips


It’s really embarrassing to be put in a situation where you are found to be guilty of having too many typos and grammatical mistakes. It does not look professional and creates a bad impression on whose ever behalf you were writing on. Here are a few tips that will enhance your writing game by excelling you at proofreading.

1. Read Slowly

While you are proofreading don’t haste into finishing the test. Regardless of how lengthy your writing is you need to make sure that it is free from all errors and mistakes and to do that you must focus on each and every word carefully. Hasting will only cause you to overlook the subtle mistakes that you have made because in your mind it says what you think it should but there may be a chance that you have missed out on a few words or letters.

2. Read Aloud yet Silently

This isn’t a paradox. It is more like reading out loud while for someone who is sitting really close to you will think that you are humming. By reading this way not only you are able to hear what you are saying but you will know if you’ve made some error sub-consciously while you were writing.

3. Point with Your Finger

Pointing with your finger while rereading your text will help you better analyze the errors. There is no better way to proofread than to read every word single word loud, slow and clear by pointing your finger on it. There is very little chance for you to miss out on the typos and other potential writing errors.

4. Spell Checker

A spell checker on MS Word or PDF editors is always there to save the day. And even if you’re not satisfied with it, you can always go online and submit your test to analyze spelling errors. However, don’t rely on them blindly for it is just as likely that you have subconsciously made a spelling mistake by using its antonym with a completely different definition of the word that you were intending to use.

5. Rest

After writing or proofreading give yourself a break. A little break of a couple of minutes will help you refresh and you will be able to focus much better after. If your eyesight is getting hazy after staring at the screen for too long or your mind can’t focus properly after writing so much content, you can’t expect yourself to be able to find errors that efficiently.

6. Read Backwards

Reading backward will help you focus on every single word but the sentences wouldn’t make sense. That way you can check for spelling mistakes and focus of every word separately.

7. Double Check Facts And Figures

Lookup for facts and figure once more for you don’t want to hand in your writing with incorrect information. It will simply create a bad impression.

To conclude, proofreading is simply reading. What matters is the way you choose to read as to make sure there aren’t any mistakes left. After proofreading, if you want to split or compress your pdf files, you can search for ”PDF compressor online free”, you can do it with online editors.

You can search the term ‘merge PDF online free’ or ‘combine PDF’ and choose from the options you get. Happy working!


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