Top 5 Children Hospitals in America

The importance of an optimum and state of the art medical facility cannot be ignored. Having basic medical amenities is the basic right of every human being. When it comes to children facing chronic illness and rare diseases, managing them in a proper way makes all the difference between life and death.

U.S news has compiled a list of the top pediatric medical facilities that specialize across multiple specialties. Keep reading to find out.

1. Boston’s Children Hospital

Affiliated with the Harvard School of Medicine, Boston’s children’s hospital is a 404 bed approved facility in Boston, Massachusetts. Popularly known as the largest pediatric medical facility in the United States, the hospital offers a diverse range of health care services to children, ranging from infants till the age of twenty-one. Boston’s Children’s Hospital is internationally recognized, and has topped the list of The U.S News as the best pediatric hospital for six consecutive years.

2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), an institution of its kind, is located in the state of Pennsylvania. Known as one of the oldest and pioneering institutions in the world of pediatric health care, it has been ranked second in the list of top Children’s hospitals in the United States by the U.S news.  Currently CHOP is a 527 bed medical facility specialized for providing neonatal, cardiac and pediatric intensive care facilities.

3. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) ranked third among the U.S news report list, is a 700 bed pediatric hospital located in the state of Ohio. Home to the country’s busiest pediatric emergency department, it is known for performing the largest number of surgical interventions in the pediatric population across the nation. It is also the only Level 1 pediatric trauma center in the whole state of Ohio. Known as the largest pediatric residency training program, the hospital appoints two hundred medical graduates in its esteemed program every year.

4. Texas Children’s Hospital

Ranked third in tie to the Cincinnati Children’s hospital, the Texas Children’s hospital is 639 bed pediatric medical facility located in the state of Texas. It is the largest children’s hospital affiliated with the Baylor College of medicine as its primary training institute. In the Past the hospital has been ranked 4th, with a recent third tier in the 2019 U.S news medical report. The institute boasts 456 beds dedicated to pediatric surgical interventional procedures, ranked as the highest in the state of Texas.

5. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Ranked at the 5th place, CHLA is a charity based, pediatric medical and teaching center located near East Hollywood in the city of Los Angeles. It is the largest referral emergency center for the pediatric population in the state, caring for 140,000 children annually. It is affiliated with the Keck School of medicine, under the University of South California.

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Here you have it. A list of the top five Pediatric medical institutions across the United States, published by the U.S News and world report as part of their 2019 database.


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