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Where to Store Healthcare Data – What Are the Options?

by Mr. Maximus Kiehn
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Here is everything you need to know about where the healthcare data should be stored.

Storing Healthcare Data

Healthcare sector has huge patient data that is often termed as the big data. This data is literally so huge that we will run out of space to save it. There was a time when paperwork and documented methods were in use. That took a lot of physical space. But then came drives, storage devices and now are cloud services.

There are different options when it comes to storing healthcare data. The physical drives or tools are good but they have limited space. Moreover, they may get corrupt and you will end up losing all the data. The cloud services are the latest solution to this problem. So we believe that on-site storage system, cloud services and hybrid systems can be used for storing healthcare data.

1. On-Site Options

Many hospitals and medical practitioners prefer onsite systems because they get better control over these. The IT systems and infrastructure is afforded by the hospitals that can be expensive. You will also have the options to expand storage and keep as much data as they want. This is a good option. You will have complete control over it and with tools DCM viewer free, it is even better.

But it comes with a few drawbacks. The on-site systems are not safe when there is fire and any disaster. In case of fire or disasters, the whole on-site system can be destroyed. It will lose all the data and the hospitals will have no option to get the lost data back. The backups are also lost when you have onsite storage options.

2. Cloud and Hybrid Storage

Over the years, cloud storage options are considered among the hospitals because they are the solution to all the issues. Healthcare data is huge as well as important so the hospitals want to keep it safe, protected and out of the danger zones. All this can be achieved with virtual servers where the hospitals get cloud storage system and the infrastructure is maintained and taken care by the vendors.


There are two options in cloud systems. The first one is that the organizations afford hardware and infrastructure and it is installed on their end, hospitals. The software (DICOM viewer MAC freeware for example) or services they use are hybrid and shared with other users. That is public cloud service. It is not dedicated. Over a hundred of thousand other users may also be using the same server. This is also considered to be unsafe and insecure. The hospitals don’t get desired services and the data can also be lost.

The other option is that companies will just use cloud services for storage. Everything else is done by the vendors. In such cases, the hospitals will get more space, no stress of maintaining hardware, no manual backups and the vendor is responsible for everything. Most of the advanced hospitals are switching to this form of cloud storage because they are free from any stress and work. The vendors do everything for them (including DICOM viewer MAC freeware) and the hospitals get a working cloud storage.

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