What You Should Know About Amaysim Plans & Deals

While you’re looking for reliable and flexible choices to the large Telcos of Australia, you can choose Amaysim. It’s because it has created a great reputation as one of the great value mobile providers for the SIM-only plans. As the company is getting operated for about eight years, it’s well-known for providing competitive bring-your-own-phone plans. Not only this, but it’s also recognized as one of the outstanding customer service providing companies. If you get any of its plans, you’ll get the access to Optus 4G network that’s the second largest mobile carrier in Australia. Also, you have own choice to take your own 3G or 4G unlocked phone and you can decide whether you need prepaid or postpaid plans. Even you can bring your own number when you sign up if you like to do it with any Telco.

Now, let’s know some reasons to choose Amaysim plans and deals for you.

Types of Amaysim Plans

If you like to get Amaysim SIM-only plans, you’ll find there are two different options, such as Unlimited Plan and Basic Plan. The first one comes with limitless national and local calls with texts and monthly fast data and the second one is a pay-as-you-go basis plans. But, you have a chance to get more when you’ll get the second one offers a 15c/ minute offer with 15.4c/MB and 49c/SMS. Besides, the first one comes with 1GB mobile data only at $10/ month and you can get extended data of 20GB for $50 for every 28-day basis. When you’ll choose any plan that costs $30 or it’s more, you’ll get overseas features inclusions. In these plans, you’ll get a chance to make mobile plans with international calls in the 22 selected countries in the world like the UK, USA, and Canada.

How to Switch to Amaysim

It may seem you one of the daunting tasks to change your mobile phone operator. That’s why people ask us how many days it takes when precisely the number gets changes if there are options to keep your own number in another operator. These thoughts can make you worried, but it’s much easy to change your provider with your existing number in Australia. Bylaws in the country, your provider can hold your number if you give them the option. If you don’t do it then you can swap your old number to the new provider when you change it. As a result, when you activate the new service with a new operator, you’ll find your old operator will hand over your old number to the new operator.

Amaysim Plans in Brief

With plenty of plans and features, you’ll find them handy to select from a wide choice as it’s already said the provider comes. For example, there are inclusions of the feature like unlimited local calls, national call, and SMS to use inside of Australia. In addition, it’s great for you as you have the option to get the lower Samsung note 8 plans with no limit of calls and texts if you’re not a heavy data user.


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